• ClearingPoint

    International payments between Asia & Latin America made easy


  • How it works

    We offer international payments between Asia and Latin America without the need of YOU heading to your LOCAL Bank Branch or Western Union.


    All the account creation, quoting, and money handling is conducted online. We utilize Whatsapp or WeChat for client service, mobile and online banking, all for customer convenience.


    We charge 1.5% as Service Fee

    Example; if you are sending MXN 100.00 our service fee would be MXN 1.50 which we would discount from the MXN 100 and send MXN 98.50 at the exchange rate agreed.

    Exchange Rate

    Direct swap among 20+ currencies

    Our exchange rates are EVALUATED by the cost we have in receiving the local currency, converting it to a digital asset, transferring the asset to the country where the funds are intended, and exchanging the asset back to the currency wanted.




    International Bank to Bank transfers in less than 24 hours

    We offer delivery in less than 24 hours in the majority of the countries where we have coverage. Note: due the Banking system of the country it could take up to 48 hours.

  • Services

    We always strive to tailor make our services for our customer's personal requirements.

    Living Abroad - Expats & Students

    • Students.  When young adults move to another country for a semester or a one year study programme, in many occasions it is the first time that they will live alone and have to resolve problems by themselves.  For most, this can be difficult and particularly if these programmes are in countries that have a different language and culture. We have developed a platform through which parents and students can transfer money internationally easily, without having to visit a local bank branch or use money transfer services like western union. 
    • Expats. For expats living in China our time is consumed by work, adapting to a new system, and trying to be as efficient as possible with our time trying to adapt to a different culture.  Sending money to your home country is not an easy task, either to family, to pay bills or simply get out of the RMB.  It's time-consuming and inefficient.  We have developed a solution that handles all your transactions from your personal Wechat account alone. 

    Multi Country Operations - Individuals and Companies

    • Individuals. In Business time is money, and being able to deliver the payments across the world on time will depend if the shipments leave port, or if the service is completed as promised to the customer.  We work with you to make sure payments are the least of your worries.  We take care of collecting the funds in the country and delivering them to the person, company, and country where it was intended, on time! 
    • Companies.  Talent is spread out all over the world with developers in Ukraine, designers in Colombia, financial engineers in the US and lawyers all over the world.  They need to be paid and depending on the client company, PayPal is not efficient .  If you have international payrolls or service providers across the world, we are here to help.  We will receive the funds in your country and deliver it as intended.  

    Money Logistic - High net Individuals

    • High-net Individuals. Investment opportunities are all over the world, and being able to take those opportunities requires optimizing the time and price it takes you to move your capital to the desired jurisdiction.  We work with your fiscal and legal advisor to optimize  international money transfers. 
  • International Coverage

    Focused on APAC & LatAm but with coverage worldwide.

    Cash In - Receive Payments

    Latin America; Colombia, Chile, Brazil, Argentina, Bolivia, Peru, Panama.

    North America; Mexico, Canada, United States.

    China; Mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan

    South East Asia; Indonesia, India, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand, Philipines, Cambodia, Sri Lanka.

    Europe; All EU countries

    United Kingdon; England, Scotland, Ireland

    Cash Out - Deliver Payments

    Latin America; Colombia, Chile, Brazil, Argentina, Bolivia, Peru, Panama.​

    North America; Mexico, Canada, United States.​

    China; Mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan

    South East Asia; Indonesia, India, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand, Philipines, Cambodia, Sri Lanka.​​
    Europe; All EU countries​

    United Kingdon; England, Scotland, Ireland​